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With the implementation of the Euro-standard 1317 Fracasso faces up itself to this demand. Products equivalent to the super rail have been developped and tested successfully in accordance
with the Euro-standard 1317.

download -» 4safe product line

download -»
4Safe H2-W5-A (3n24872)
download -»
4Safe ÜG EDSP to H2-W5-A (3n31447)
download -» 4Safe ÜG H2-W5-A to H2-W4-A (3n32539)
download -» 4Safe H2-W4-A (3n32312)
download -» 4Safe H2-W4-A (3n32122) building
download -» 4Safe HF H2-W2-A (3n32535)
download -» 4Safe ÜG H2 to concrete guide wall (3n32645)
download -» 4Safe ÜG H2-W4-A to H2 Super Rail (3n32541)
download -» 4Safe H4b-W5-A (3n31679)
download -» 4Safe H4b-W4-B (3n31857) building
download -» 4Safe HF H4b-W2-A (3n32844)

For roads with dangerous barriers and lots of trees we offer the special design "TWINY", tested in accordance with Euro-standard 1317.
For our customers in Denmark we have installed special constructions at railroad crossings.
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